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Authors & Books

  • Authors in alphabetical order by last name, with all books edited or in process, and awards won…

K. M. Baginski

  • Rehumanized Drew, Winner, Best Book 2017 Awards, New Age Fiction category; finalist, Visionary Fiction category

Linda Baxter

  • The Next Sorcerer (Books 1, 2 & 3)

Stacey Brutger

  • Coveted
  • Electric Heat
  • Druid Surrender
  • Druid Temptation
  • Electric Night
  • The Academy of Assassins
  • Heart of the Assassins
  • Claimed by the Assassins
  • Tethered

Larry Center

  • Like No Other Boy

Eva Charles

The Meadows Shore Series

  • A Wedding at Meadows Shore
  • My Sweet Sasha
  • Petite Madeleine
  • Unforgettable
  • Sheltered Heart

L. j. Charles, USA Today best-selling author

Everly Gray Series

  • Touch of Ice (2nd edition)
  • Touch of Betrayal
  • To Touch Poison
  • A Touch of Revenge
  • A Touch of Intrigue
  • Element 63
  • Backtrack 17
  • Birthright 02

Caitlin’s Tarot: the Ola Boutique Series

  • The Fool
  • The Chariot
  • The Moon
  • The Hermit
  • The Devil
  • The Tower
  • The Hierophant
  • Justice
  • Lovers

Gemini Women

  • The Knowing (2nd edition)
  • The Calling (2nd edition)
  • The Healing

Joshua Chaudry

  • Apotheosis of the Immortal

Liz Crowe

  • Precious Vessel
  • Family Love

Zoe Dawson

Going to the Dogs (contemporary)

  • Leashed
  • Groomed
  • Hounded
  • Collared
  • Fetched
  • Tangled
  • Handled
  • Captured

Going to the Dogs 2: the Alphas

  • Piggy Bank Blues
  • Holding Still
  • Louder than Words
  • What Matters Most
  • Easier Said than Done

Hope Parish Series (New Adult)

  • A Perfect Mess
  • A Perfect Mistake
  • A Perfect Dilemma
  • Finally Again
  • Brave
  • Beauty Shot
  • A Perfect Wedding
  • A Perfect Holiday
  • A Perfect Question
  • Resisting Samantha
  • Mark Me
  • Beauty Shot
  • Maybe Tomorrow
  • Holding Still

Mavrick Allstars

  • Impact Zone

Urban Fantasy Series (Starbuck Chronicles)

  • AfterLife (InD’tale Magazine RONE Award nominee, Paranormal category)

Forbidden Plays series

  • Monster Man
  • Hot Read
  • Illegal Motions

Jacki Delecki

  • Marriage Under Fire, a Grayce Walters Mystery/Romantic Suspense Series novella
  • A Christmas Wedding
  • The Wedding Code
  • Mission: Impossible to Resist

Kitty DuCane

  • Taming Raven
  • Keeping Cambria (Hell’s Hunters)

Marie Dunn

  • The Ladies of Lorton Landing
  • Breach
  • Silver Ops

Nash Edwards

  • A Matter of the Heart

Jane Flagello

  • Gotcha!
  • Complicity
  • Mercy

Christina George

  • Loving Vivienne
  • A Royal Affair
  • A Royal Scandal
  • Royal Wedding
  • My One & Only
  • The Publicist series updates & revisions
  • Nanny for Christmas
  • Chasing Kate
  • Once Upon a Christmas

Darin Gibby

  • Target: Hindy (working title)

Pamela Gibson

  • Scandal’s Child
  • You Were Mine at Merlot, Love in Wine Country Series
  • Sauvignon Blanc to Sigh For
  • Model of Perfection
  • A Pinot for Your Thoughts
  • A Christmas Angel
  • Safe at Home
  • Return of the Fox

Tanya Goodwin

  • Brush with Death (Dr. Tara Ross, volume 3)
  • Hidden Obsession
  • The First Star
  • Fang Child
  • Code Pink (Dr. Tara Ross, volume 4)

Sharon Hamilton, NY Times & USA Today best selling author

  • Fallen SEAL Legacy
  • SEAL Undercovers
  • SEAL the Deal
  • SEAL My Destiny
  • Cruisin’ for a SEAL
  • SEAL of my Heart
  • Beautiful Game
  • Mortal Bite (Golden Vampires of Tuscany)

Sadie Hart

  • Hounded
  • Cry Sanctuary
  • Big Cats Don’t Purr
  • Wolf at the Door

Malve von Hassell

  • A Song for the Telling

Jessica James

  • Lacewood

Kathryn Jane

  • All She Wanted
  • Dance with Me
  • Missing
  • Into the Sunrise
  • Cats, Heartwarming Furry Tales, Volumes 1, 2,  3 , 4 & 5
  • Diamonds to Die For
  • Callista Goes Country

A. E. Jones

Mind Sweeper Series

  • Mind Sweeper  – 2-time RITA award nominee; 2015 PRISM Awards: First Place & Best First Book; 2013 GOLDEN HEART winne)
  • The Fledgling
  • Shifter Wars – 2015 PRISM Award: Second Place
  • The Pursuit
  • Sentinel Lost – Winner of the 2016 BOOKSELLERS BEST PARANORMAL Award; 2nd place PRISM award for Light Paranormal ; nominated for DAPHNE Award
  • Forget Me
  • Trust Me
  • Protect Me
  • Demons Will Be Demons – Finalist, 2019 National Readers’ Choice Awards; Finalist, 2019 Daphne du Maurier award
  • Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Finalist, 2019 Holt Medallion Award
  • Demons Are Forever – Finalist, 2019 National Readers’ Choice Awards

Paranormal Wedding Planners

  • In Sickness and in Elf
  • From This Fae Forward – nominated, 2017 Holt Medallion for outstanding literary talent, Paranormal/Time Travel/Futuristic/Fantasy category; also nominated, Daphne Award, Paranormal Romantic Mystery/Suspense category
  • To Have and to Howl – Award of Merit finalist, 2018 HOLT Medallion for outstanding literary talent, Paranormal/Time Travel/Futuristic/Fantasy category
  • For Better or for Wolf
  • For Witch or for Poorer

Abigail Keam

  • The Siren’s Call (Last Chance Series 3)
  • Death by Design
  • Death by Malice
  • Wall of Victory

Kara Keen

  • Captain’s Orders
  • Romancing Vegas
  • Two Much
  • Educating Anthony
  • Eight Days of Yes

Kate Kisset

  • Two to Tango
  • Kissing Luca
  • Love’s Home Run
  • Love at Last
  • St. Helena Santa
  • And I Love You
  • Love Is a Wildfire
  • Heartbreaker
  • Lovemaker

Lyz Kelley

  • Shattered
  • Blinded
  • Abandoned
  • Spurned
  • Orphaned
  • Exposed
  • Rescued
  • Regrets
  • Unmistaken
  • Myst
  • Atonement
  • Bittersweet

Katherine Lowry Logan – Amazon Top 20 Best Sellers in Time Travel Romance since 2012

  • The Sapphire Brooch
  • The Emerald Brooch
  • The Broken Brooch
  • The Three Brooches
  • The Diamond Brooch
  • The Pearl Brooch
  • The Topaz Brooch

Joan Maze

  • The Hierophant
  • Fast Track to the Past
  • The Mercenary

Shelby K. Morrison

  • From the Ashes
  • Among the Flames

Nadine Mutas

  • To Win a Demon’s Love: A Novel of Love & Magic Winner, Paranormal category, Readers’ Choice Award of the RWA New England chapter;  finalist, RWA Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter PRISM award, Dark Paranormal category; and finalist, Published Maggie in Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
  • To Stir a Fae’s Passion: A Novel of Love & Magic
  • To Enthrall the Demon Lord Finalist, the 2018 RITA award;  1st place winner, 2018 New England Readers’ Choice Award; winner, 2018 Booksellers’ Best Award; finalist, 2018 Carolyn Readers’ Choice; and a 2018 Holt Medallion Award of Merit finalist

D. Clinton Nance

  • Paladin’s Mandate
  • Terrible Swift Sword

Tina Newcomb

  • A Taste of Eden
  • The Angel of Eden Falls
  • Touches of Eden
  • New Beginnings in Eden Falls
  • Stars over Eden Falls

Stephen Ownbey

  • Wilderness Journey Alaska, into the Wild

Amy Pennza

  • What a Wolf Desires

Nina Pierce

  • In His Eyes

Teresa Reasor, NY Times & USA Today best selling author

SEAL series

  • Breaking Through
  • Breaking Away
  • Breaking Ties
  • Building Ties
  • Breaking Boundaries
  • Breaking Out
  • Breaking Point
  • Breaking Hearts
  • Breaking Chains


  • Timeless (contemporary romantic suspense)
  • An Automated Death (novella)
  • Highland Moonlight
  • To Capture a Highlander’s Heart: the Courtship (serial novella)
  • To Capture a Highlander’s Heart: the Wedding Night (serial novella)
  • Captive Hearts (Regency romantic suspense)
  • Whisper in My Ear
  • Have Wand Will Travel
  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  • Deep Within the Shadows
  • Witchy Wallflower
  • Rusty Nail
  • Roman Nights

Penny C. Sansevieri

  • The New Business Card
  • How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon.com
  • Simple Steps to Re-Releasing a Book
  • 50 Ways to Sell a Sleigh-Load of Books
  • How to Revive and Re-Release Your Book
  • 5-Minute Marketing
  • How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon.com (2019 update)

Jeanine Spikes

  • The Heart Knows

Cassandra L. Shaw

  • To Love an Earl Twice
  • The Ruins of Destiny
  • Collisions of Time
  • Grave Robbing’s Gone to Hell
  • Flames of Hope (Katoom series)
  • Princess Aileen’s Consort

Donald Sternberg

  • Teacher Growth Trajectory

Tracy Tappan

The Community Series (paranormal)

  • The Bloodline War (IPPY Bronze Medal winner)
  • The Purest of the Breed (USA News Book Awards finalist)
  • Blood-Bonded by Force
  • Moon-Riders ~ Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal winner, Paranormal Romance category
  • Prey

Wings of Gold Series (military romantic suspense)

  • Eightball Two-Three
  • Beyond the Call of Duty
  • The Reckoning Day
  • Allied Operations
  • Man Down  ~ winner, the HOLT Medallion award; winner the Bronze Medal in Romance from Readers’ Favorite; and semifinalist in the 6th Annual Kindle Book Awards (2017) .

Phoenix Agency, Kindle Worlds

  • Bare Deception

Jeff Thomas

  • Behold the Man

Wanda Ann Thomas – Winner, Utah/Salt Lake City Great Beginnings; Winner, Washington Romance Writers’ Marlene

The Herod Chronicles

  • The Warrior
  • The Barbarian
  • The Stonecutter
  • Warring Desires

Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch

  • Love Most Unexpected, story consult (working title Sweet Creek Ranch) – (2016 Winner, Utah/Salt Lake City Great Beginnings Contest and winner, Washington Romance Writers Marlene award)

C. B. Williams

This Fool’s Journey

Walkers Trilogy

  • Walkers
  • The Place Between Worlds
  • The Shield

The PeaceKeeper Corps

Sky Dancers

The Entean Sagas

  • Champion of Entean
  • Brightness Calling
  • Chaos Tamed
  • Vision Dreaming

Recent Jobs (for all books edited, see Authors & Books)

Breaking Chains, edited Faith Freewoman
Heartbreaker, edited by Faith Freewoman
Lacewood, editor Faith Freewoman
New Beginnings in Eden, edited Faith Freewoman
Stars Over Eden, edited Faith Freewoman
Mind Sweeper, edited Faith Freewoman
Tethered, editor Faith Freewoman
Easier Said than Done, edited by Faith Freewoman
Beyond the Call of Duty, edited Faith Freewoman
Cats, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Pearl Brooch, editor Faith Freewoman
What a Wolf Desires, edited Faith Freewoman
Electric Curse, edited Faith Freewoman
Callista Goes Country, edited Faith Freewoman
Man Down, editor Faith Freewoman
One Wish, edited by Faith Freewoman
Love Is a Wildfire, edited Faith Freewoman
Sell a Sleigh-Load of Books, edited Faith Freewoman
A Nanny for Christmas, editor Faith Freewoman
Demons Will Be Demons, edited by Faith Freewoman
Death by Drama, edited Faith Freewoman
Demons Are a Girls Best Friend, edited Faith Freewoman
Teacher Growth Trajectory, editor Faith Freewoman
Missing, edited by Faith Freewoman
Demons Are Forever, edited by Faith Freewoman
The New Business Card, editor Faith Freewoman
Mercy, edited Faith Freewoman
Once Upon a Christmas, edited Faith Freewoman
Touches of Eden, edited Faith Freewoman
Have Wand, Will Travel, edited Faith Freewoman
Adventures of a Witchy Wallflower, editor Faith Freewoman
Once Bitten, Twice Shy, edited by Faith Freewoman
Heart of the Assassins, edited Faith Freewoman
Rusty Nail, edited Faith Freewoman
Breaking Hearts, editor Faith Freewoman
And I Love You, edited by Faith Freewoman
Leashed, edited Faith Freewoman
Gone to Hell, edited Faith Freewoman
Prey, editor Faith Freewoman
Confessions of a Witchy Wallflower, edited by Faith Freewoman
Revise and Re-Release Your Book, edited Faith Freewoman
What Matters Most, edited Faith Freewoman
Kissing Luca, editor Faith Freewoman
Moon Riders, edited by Faith Freewoman
Louder than Words, edited Faith Freewoman
Collisions of Time, edited Faith Freewoman
Wall of Victory, editor Faith Freewoman
Diamonds to Die For, edited by Faith Freewoman
St. Helena Santa, edited Faith Freewoman
Unmistaken, edited Faith Freewoman
The Christmas Angel, editor Faith Freewoman
A Pinot for Your Thoughts, edited by Faith Freewoman
Academy of Assassins, edited Faith Freewoman
The Angel of Eden Falls, edited Faith Freewoman
The Ruins of Destiny, editor Faith Freewoman
My One and Only, edited by Faith Freewoman
Bittersweet, edited Faith Freewoman
To Love an Earl Twice, edited Faith Freewoman
Bare Deception, editor Faith Freewoman
Flames of Hope, edited by Faith Freewoman
From this Fae Forward, edited Faith Freewoman
Gone to Hell, edited Faith Freewoman
Chasing Hindy, editor Faith Freewoman
To Have and to Howl, edited by Faith Freewoman
Unmistaken, edited Faith Freewoman
In Sickness and in Elf, edited Faith Freewoman
How to Sell Books by the Truckload at Amazon, editor Faith Freewoman
Atonement, edited by Faith Freewoman
From this Fae Forward, edited Faith Freewoman
Kissing Luca, edited Faith Freewoman
To Enthrall the Demon Lord, editor Faith Freewoman
Into the Sunrise, edited by Faith Freewoman
Scandal's Child, edited Faith Freewoman
Silver Ops, edited Faith Freewoman
A Taste of Eden, editor Faith Freewoman
Napa Crush, edited by Faith Freewoman
To Stir a Fae's Passion, edited Faith Freewoman
Complicity, edited Faith Freewoman
Unforgettable, editor Faith Freewoman
To Win a Demon's Love, edited by Faith Freewoman
Breaking Point, edited Faith Freewoman
Once Bitten, Twice Shy, edited Faith Freewoman
Two to Tango, editor Faith Freewoman
Rehumanized Drew, edited by Faith Freewoman
Forget Me, edited by Faith Freewoman
Tri, Editor Faith Freewoman
Lyz Exposed, editor Faith Freewoman
Lyz Orphaned, Editor Faith Freewoman
Death by Malice, edited Faith Freewoman
Protect Me, Editor Faith Freewoman
Royal Scandal, edited by Faith Freewoman
Trust Me, editor Faith Freewoman
Mine at Merlot, edited Faith Freewoman
Abandoned, edited Faith Freewoman
Educating Anthony, editor Faith Freewoman
Loving Vivienne, edited by Faith Freewoman
Cats, edited by Faith Freewoman
Druid Temptation, Editor Faith Freewoman
Blinded, editor Faith Freewoman
Royal Affair, Editor Faith Freewoman
Man Down, edited Faith Freewoman
Spurned, Editor Faith Freewoman
Royal Scandal, edited by Faith Freewoman
Ruins of Destiny, editor Faith Freewoman
Three Brooches, edited by Faith Freewoman
Timeless, edited Faith Freewoman
Two Much, Editor Faith Freewoman
Whisper, editor Faith Freewoman
Breaking Out, edited Faith Freewoman
Dance with Me, Editor Faith Freewoman
Holding Still, editor Faith Freewoman
Chaos Tamed, edited by Faith Freewoman
A Touch of TNT, edited by Faith Freewoman
Resisting Samantha, edited Faith Freewoman
You Were Mine at Merlot, editor Faith Freewoman
To Love an Earl Twice, Editor Faith Freewoman
Petit Madeleine, edited Faith Freewoman
Romancing Las Vegas, Editor Faith Freewoman
Element 63, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Siren's Call, editor Faith Freewoman
Burned, edited by Faith Freewoman
My Sweetest Sasha, edited Faith Freewoman
Family Love, Editor Faith Freewoman
All She Wanted, editor Faith Freewoman
Druid Surrender, edited by Faith Freewoman
Everly Gray boxed set, edited Faith Freewoman
Hidden Obsession, Editor Faith Freewoman
Backtrack, editor Faith Freewoman
Dha, edited by Faith Freewoman
Death by Design, edited Faith Freewoman
Ceann, Editor Faith Freewoman
Brush with Death, editor Faith Freewoman
Breach, edited by Faith Freewoman
Blood, Breath and Desire, edited Faith Freewoman
In Sickness and in Elf, Editor Faith Freewoman
Allied Operations, editor Faith Freewoman
To Capture a Highlander's Heart, edited by Faith Freewoman
A Wedding at Meadows Shore, edited Faith Freewoman
Beyond the Call of Duty, Editor Faith Freewoman
The Broken Brooch, editor Faith Freewoman
Eightball Two Three, edited by Faith Freewoman
Gotcha, edited Faith Freewoman
The Emerald Brooch, editor Faith Freewoman
The Pursuit, Editor Faith Freewoman
Beyond the Call of Duty, edited by Faith Freewoman
Sentinel Lost, edited Faith Freewoman
Brightness Calling, Editor Faith Freewoman
From the Ashes, editor Faith Freewoman
Ladies of Lortons Landing, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Stonecutter, edited Faith Freewoman
Behold the Man, Editor Faith Freewoman
Breaking Boundaries, editor Faith Freewoman
Champion of Entean, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Warrior, edited Faith Freewoman
Deep within the Shadows, Edited by Faith Freewoman
Marriage Under Fire, editor Faith Freewoman
Mark Me, edited by Faith Freewoman
Piggy Bank Blues, edited Faith Freewoman
A Perfect Wedding, Edited by Faith Freewoman
Captain's Orders, editor Faith Freewoman
A Perfect Dilemma, edited by Faith Freewoman
Captured, edited Faith Freewoman
The Chariot, Edited by Faith Freewoman
Electric Heat, editor Faith Freewoman
Finally Again, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Fool, edited Faith Freewoman
Illegal Motions, Edited by Faith Freewoman
The Fledgling, editor Faith Freewoman
A Touch of Intrigue, edited by Faith Freewoman
The Sapphire Brooch, edited Faith Freewoman
Shifter Wars, editor Faith Freewoman
Whisper in My Ear, Edited by Faith Freewoman
The Barbarian, edited by Faith Freewoman
Mind Sweeper, editor Faith Freewoman
Seal's Goal, edited Faith Freewoman
Coveted, Edited by Faith Freewoman
Sky Dancers, edited by Faith Freewoman
Afterlife, editor Faith Freewoman
Building Ties, edited Faith Freewoman
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Purest of the Breed
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Wolf at the Door
Edited Faith Freewoman, Breaking Ties
Edited by Faith Freewoman
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Apotheosis
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Seal the Deal
Edited by Faith Freewoman, A Touch of Revenge
Faith Freewoman Editor, Bloodline War
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mistake
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal My Destiny
Faith Freewoman, Editor, To Touch Poison
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Collared
Edited by Faith Freewoman, In His Eyes
Editor Faith Freewoman, Seal My Heart
Faith Freewoman, editor, The Warrior
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Breaking Away
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Ice
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mess
Faith Freewoman, Fetched, Editor
Editor Faith Freewoman, Big Cats Don't Purr
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Betrayal
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Shield
Faith Freewoman Editor, A Touch of Ice
Editor Faith Freewoman, Hounded
Editor Faith Freewoman, Caught in the Act
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Breaking Through
Editor Faith Freewoman, An Automated Death
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Calling
Edited Faith Freeewoman, Brave
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal Under Cover
Faith Freewoman Editor A Matter of the Heart
Faith Freewoman Editor, Mortal Bite
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Captive Hear
Faith Freewoman Editor, Groomed for Murder
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Place Between Worlds
Edited Faith Freewoman, Leashed
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highlander's Heart
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Cry Sanctuary
Faith Freewoman Editor, Taming Raven
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Walkers
Faith Freewoman Editor, Hounded
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highland Moonlignt
Faith Freewoman Editor, Fallen Seal Legacy
Edited Faith Freewoman, The Hierophant
Edited Faith Freewoman, This Fool's Journey