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Services & Prices

Details and Pricing

Important: I always include a second edit as part of the price, except for story consults.

Base Price: For authors new to Demon for Details, the base price for content/substantive plus copy and line editing is $0.013 per word, or $13 per 1,000 words (equivalent to four pages, double spaced, 12 pt Courier) for fiction, and $0.015 or $15 per 1,000 words for nonfiction.

However, that price is only good if:

  • you’ve already done a basic grammar and spell check, and have the essentials of punctuation down pat, and
  • if you’re reasonably proficient at using Word’s Track Changes and Comments functions.

I normally add $0.003 to $0.005 a word to cover my extra time if you are unfamiliar with the edit functions or are just learning the most up-to-date rules for punctuation and grammar, rules that are evolving so rapidly that it’s easy to be left behind.

Developmental editing: If you want to have me do full-on developmental editing, please contact me directly for a quote, which I will develop based on what you’ve written and what you want to accomplish. I charge between $0.015 and $0.03 per word for this level of involvement.

New service! Story consult: $100 minimum for brainstorming plot, characters, pacing, or why-isn’[email protected]#*$(*&-story-working?, no detailed edit. Of course, I’m always available for a quick email exchange with authors I work with regularly, about blurbs or troublesome chapters or characters in the early stages, at no extra charge. This  more in-depth story consult which can cover everything from characters to plot and pacing, and is in general tailored to your needs. If you’re interested, email and let’s discuss how much time would be involved. $100 minimum.

Free sample edits: 5 double-spaced pages free, selected from your full manuscript. Sample edits are good for both editor and author. If you send me your manuscript, I will choose and edit a 5 page (double spaced) sample which I select from somewhere in the middle section of your manuscript. That way I can assess what kind of support you need, and you can see how I work.

First-time-only booking/scheduling fee: $100, due at the time of booking, credit to first manuscript cost.  The first time we work together only, I charge a non-refundable $100 booking/scheduling fee in order to secure a place in my schedule. The fee is credited to your editing cost, however, and, if you reschedule in plenty of time, will move with you to the new date, so to speak).

What I do:

Story consultation: This does not include a detailed edit, or the usual second edit. Each consult is tailored to your needs, and runs the gamut from brainstorming plot, characters and pacing, to an analysis of why-isn’[email protected]#*$(*&-story-working?

Developmental editing, which includes everything below plus initial brainstorming from seed ideas or very rough draft, regular email support during rewrites, restructuring, plot and character development, and general coaching and inspirational/informational emails.

Content/substantive editing, from initial development to improvements in all areas, such as

  • character development (GMC and so on), weak, unnecessary, or one-dimensional characters
  • dialogue styles, with hints for varying different characters’ way of expressing themselves
  • use of body language
  • showing instead of telling, and the rare occasion when telling might work well
  • overuse of coincidence and/or melodrama
  • a more fruitful POV for a particular sequence
  • better use of all senses, and emotion, to heighten reader experience
  • insufficient (or not believable)  challenges for each main character
  • plot confusion, plot holes, sags in tension, weak first chapter, chapter endings and transitions
  • I will even occasionally write an alternative for scenes or short sections that are just too tangled to straighten out piecemeal, and usually I’m able to duplicate your author voice well enough that you can use it as is, or use it as a springboard to an even better version.

Copy/line editing, including

  • grammar (i.e. sentence structure, punctuation, word choice),
  • spelling, word usage (i.e. homophones, and genre-specific misuse like callus for callous or discrete for discreet),
  • repetitiveness, continuity (does the character have the same name and/or color eyes throughout?),
  • clarity and conciseness.
  • I also watch out for the dreaded head-hopping (inappropriate shifts in point of view or POV).
  • and, finally, I note places where I think – based on your writing style and author voice – the writing can be improved. I’m always alert for flow, word choices, character quirks and more, that can be tweaked to make your story even better – highlighting your voice and your style.  I’ll usually also suggest alternatives or give examples.

When you get it back, your manuscript will be marked to show you where I feel you need to make (or should consider making) changes, and what they are, as well as where you might want to do a bit more work.

Then, after you’ve incorporated the changes you find acceptable, return your manuscript to me for a final polish and recheck. This one’s for errors and possible misunderstandings, as well as things that only become visible after the big stuff has been tidied up, and it’s included in your fee.

What I don’t do:

I don’t do telephone consultations of any kind…but I DO make myself available via email between 7 and 10 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. And it’s rare for you have to to wait more than a few hours for a reply from me.

At the moment I also don’t offer

  • Copy/line editing by itself, since I can’t NOT do the content editing, or
  • fact checking (I will let you know if I spot a potential problem), or
  • final, exacting proofreading. By the time of the final read-through I’m too familiar with the manuscript to be an infallible proofreader.

Questions or comments?

Just email me at 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Edited by Faith Freewoman, Seal the Deal
Edited by Faith Freewoman, A Touch of Revenge
Faith Freewoman Editor, Bloodline War
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mistake
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal My Destiny
Faith Freewoman, Editor, To Touch Poison
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Collared
Edited by Faith Freewoman, In His Eyes
Editor Faith Freewoman, Seal My Heart
Faith Freewoman, editor, The Warrior
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Breaking Away
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Ice
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Perfect Mess
Faith Freewoman, Fetched, Editor
Editor Faith Freewoman, Big Cats Don't Purr
Faith Freewoman, Editor, A Touch of Betrayal
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Shield
Faith Freewoman Editor, A Touch of Ice
Editor Faith Freewoman, Hounded
Editor Faith Freewoman, Caught in the Act
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Breaking Through
Editor Faith Freewoman, An Automated Death
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Calling
Edited Faith Freeewoman, Brave
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Seal Under Cover
Faith Freewoman Editor A Matter of the Heart
Faith Freewoman Editor, Mortal Bite
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Captive Hear
Faith Freewoman Editor, Groomed for Murder
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Place Between Worlds
Edited Faith Freewoman, Leashed
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highlander's Heart
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Cry Sanctuary
Faith Freewoman Editor, Taming Raven
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Walkers
Faith Freewoman Editor, Hounded
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