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Thank you for treating me with respect.
Thank you for honoring my work with solid suggestions that made it better.
Thank you for being just an email away.
Thank you for responding in a timely manner.
Thank you for enjoying my story.
Thank you for giving me positive feedback and praise.

Jane Flagello, author of Complicity, Gotcha!, and soon-to-be-published Mercy.

Faith, as a demon for details, was instrumental in helping me maintain the focus, purpose and intent of my manuscript. Her focus on assisting me in making the book logically sequenced and addressing any editorial inconsistencies and grammatical errors was outstanding. Faith allowed me, as an author, to express myself, guided by her timely, responsive, and supportive comments that were extremely helpful in bringing the book to a highly positive fruition. As another set of eyes reviewing my work, the value of her expertise was incalculable.

Dr. Don Sternberg, Author of Teacher Growth Trajectory (TGT)

I’ve got great news to share with you! Rehumanized Drew was named a finalist in the Visionary Fiction category and WINNER in the New Age Fiction category for the Best Book 2017 awards!!!

Thank you for your brilliance and hard work on it! I certainly share this award with you!

K. M. Baginski, author of Rehumanized Drew

In my 17 years in business, I’ve worked with a lot of content editors, and Faith is by far one of the top editors I’ve ever worked with. She’s firm but also gentle in her feedback, and she’s supportive and flexible and extremely fair. If you want to grow as a writer, you need a good content editor who will do more for you than just offer you story feedback. Faith has helped me improve my writing skills – and made me a better writer overall.

Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME)

I’m honored and grateful to have Faith as the anchor of my editing team. She listens. She suggests. She fixes. Characterization, word choice, grammar, punctuation, inconsistencies, Faith is a demon for details. She is ruthless when tracking down errors, plot holes, and character inconsistencies, and pushes me to create the best book possible. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and advocate and communicator. I’m so fortunate to have Faith as my editor. She definitely makes my work shine bright. 

Lyz Kelley, author of the Elkridge Series, including Blinded, Spurned & Abandoned

For the record, one of the reasons I love your work and working with you, is that you have the BEST and most gentle way of saying “Christina, this is kind of crap” and that’s, honestly, what I want to know. That’s the thing that helps us grow as writers.

Christina George, author of the Publicist Series, Loving Vivienne, a Royal Affair, My One & Only, Nanny for Christmas

Very pleased with the editing. Made a great difference in the quality of the book. And I had no idea that I use ‘really’ and ‘that’ so much. A writer just doesn’t see those bad habits. So glad you caught it.

Abigail Keam, author of The Josiah Reynolds Mysteries, The Last Chance Romance Series, and the Princess Maura Tales

When I started my self-publishing journey, I knew that finding the right editor was a critical step in producing great stories. And I had a long list of requirements. Yes at the basic level I needed someone who understood grammar and sentence structure to help me when I veered unsuspectingly down the awkward-phraseology path.

But I also needed someone I could brainstorm with. Someone who could read my scenes and suggest subtle and not-so-subtle changes to make them that much better. Someone who really understood my characters and my humor (thank goodness) and was invested in putting out a quality product with me.

I set the bar high, and luckily I found Faith. She listens to my neurotic ramblings about my characters and stories and pushes me. She asks questions that give me ‘ah-hah’ moments. When it comes down to it, she makes me a better writer. That’s what a great editor does.

AE Jones, double RITA nominee for Mind Sweeper, and triple PRISM award-winner for Mind Sweeper and Shifter Wars

Faith has a true passion for editing. Her edit was professional, insightful and personal. She will email you back right away with answers to your questions and update you frequently with her progress. She is easy to communicate with and brainstorm ideas. It felt like a partnership because she was completely invested in my characters and story. She offered a fresh perspective, honest feedback and a wealth of information from her editor’s toolkit. It was wonderful working with her. I look forward to working with her on my next book.

Marie Dunn, author of The Ladies of Lorton Landing

A good editor helps you to be yourself, and that’s what Faith does. She took my 200K manuscript, tightened it, cleared out the garbage, and challenged me to write a few scenes tighter and sharper. The word count increased 10K words, but the story was crisper. Wordy descriptions were trimmed down and crutch words eliminated.

The editing process quickly became a partnership, brainstorming plot hole fixes, and character development. This story was the third book in a series, and since Faith hadn’t read the previous books, she suggested where to add information so new readers wouldn’t be confused. Faith was invested in the end result as much as I was. It was a fantastic working relationship. I’m looking forward to finishing my next book so we can do it again!

Katherine Lowry Logan, author of The Sapphire Brooch, The Last MacKlenna & The Ruby Brooch

I’m fascinated by the longstanding, symbiotic relationship between writers and editor. No matter how talented the writer, they have always collaborated with an editor to enhance and improve the quality of the story they’ve created. Working my way through your comments and edits I found example after example where you smoothed over the rough edges of my sentences or zeroed in with a perfect word choice or straightened out my grammar. Thank you for helping me to put my best foot forward. My book is better for the time and talent you poured into it. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege for this writer to work with a pro-of -an-editor.

…[and] thank you, thank you for explaining [a characterization problem] in a way that made sense, and by spelling it out. My critique partner and a contest judge both had problem with [the character], but I misinterpreted their remarks. Once you pointed out the problem, I saw time and again where I’d needlessly undercut [the character], making her look weak or insensitive…So, I did major, wholesale POV surgery on [her].

Wanda Ann Thomas, author of The Herod Chronicles: the Warrior; The Herod Chronicles: the Barbarian

Faith Freewoman is the whole package! She offers two detailed read-throughs for her price. The first is an in-depth look at the developmental aspects of a work (character arcs, plot, style, etc.). For the second look, not only does Faith provide a much-needed check of the changes that were made, but she suggests extensive copy edits.

In addition to her editorial expertise, Faith is a wealth of information about the romance industry, and has always provided me with spot-on guidance. With her at the helm as my editor, my debut paranormal novel won the Bronze Medal for romance from the Independent Publisher’s Book Awards, the largest book competition in the world. I couldn’t recommend Demon for Details highly enough!

Tracy Tappan, IPPY and USA News award-winning romance author of paranormal, military suspense, and historical including The Bloodline War, The Purest of the Breed, Blood-Bonded by Force, Eightball Two-Three and Beyond the Call of Duty

I thank you for sharing your experience with me, as it has transformed my writing…I hope that on your final read through that you will be as proud as I am of the book to which you have been so instrumental in helping me accomplish.  

Although the words and the story remain mine, it has been your prodding and molding with the eye of the finest marksman and the hand of the most skilled sculptor that has allowed my story to take shape and life in a way that would have never been possible without your divine skill…you have shown me that Stephen King is no liar when he says that to write is human and to edit is divine.  

Joshua Chaudry – author of Apotheosis of the Immortal 

 Faith’s commitment to her work is unparalleled. She’s edited several of my books and I honestly can’t imagine publishing without Faith’s “seal of approval.” She does a three-pass edit that includes content, line edit, and final walk-through. Her attention to detail on grammar and punctuation, as well as overall content, pacing, and flow is meticulous. She doesn’t let me get away with anything, but is willing to discuss problems in the manuscript, and provides timely feedback. If you are serious about publishing your work, there is no better investment.

L. j. Charles, author of the Everly Gray adventures, the TaP Team mysteries, the Ola Boutique Mysteries, the Gemini Women, & The Lifethread Trilogy

… my extraordinary editor who wouldn’t let me slide.

Kitty DuCane, author of Taming Raven and others

Faith is a devoted and thorough editor who clearly has a passion for her work. She goes above and beyond her job. She cares about every story, as well as the author. Not only does she pinpoint grammar and punctuation, but she highlights any plot flaws or inconsistencies and cleverly helps brainstorm through any issues. She’s patient, right on time, and a complete joy to work with. I can’t wait to work with her on my next book!

Sadie Hart, author of Hounded, Cry Sanctuary, Big Cats Don’t Purr, Wolf at the Door and more

I got speedy and accurate when I hired Faith to proofread my latest book. But I got so much more than that.  The woman is intelligent.  The woman is wise.  You aren’t hiring a spell and punctuation checker.  You are hiring a perfectionist who cares, and who innately knows what is working or what is not working with your manuscript.  You are hiring an editor.  I often say that an author cannot write in a vacuum.  Editors are extremely necessary.  And highly skilled editors who get your work back to you in a timely manner are precious. Thank you, Demon for Details

C. B. Williams, author of Sky Dancers, The PeaceKeeper Corps, Walkers, The Place Between Worlds, & The Shield of The Walkers trilogy, and This Fool’s Journey

Faith has edited two books for me: Timeless, my paranormal romantic suspense and the second book of my SEAL TEAM Heartbreakers series, Breaking Through. Both books were well over four hundred pages long. She found every error in grammar, punctuation, and spelling and every awkwardly phrased sentence and homophone. She also helped me correct some of the habitual things I do in my writing, thus helping me learn to avoid those things in future. I was having difficulty with my vision while editing the second manuscript and she very understandingly took extra time to help me with the punctuation replacement I had difficulty seeing. She went over both manuscripts twice to be sure they were just as they should be. I can’t rave enough about the quality of her work. Because she makes mine so much better.

Teresa J. Reasor, author of the Seal Team Heartbreakers series, including the SEAL Team Heartbreaker series of 8 novels and novellas, as well as Timeless, Captive Hearts and Highland Moonlight, An Automated Death, To Capture a Highlander’s Heart, Caught in the Act, Have Wand Will Travel, Deep Within the Shadows, Whisper in My Ear, and more…



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Afterlife, editor Faith Freewoman
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Edited by Faith Freewoman, Purest of the Breed
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Wolf at the Door
Edited Faith Freewoman, Breaking Ties
Edited by Faith Freewoman
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Edited by Faith Freewoman, Seal the Deal
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Editor Faith Freewoman, The Shield
Faith Freewoman Editor, A Touch of Ice
Editor Faith Freewoman, Hounded
Editor Faith Freewoman, Caught in the Act
Faith Freewoman, Editor, Breaking Through
Editor Faith Freewoman, An Automated Death
Editor Faith Freewoman, The Calling
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Faith Freewoman Editor A Matter of the Heart
Faith Freewoman Editor, Mortal Bite
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Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highlander's Heart
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Edited by Faith Freewoman, Walkers
Faith Freewoman Editor, Hounded
Edited by Faith Freewoman, Highland Moonlignt
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Edited Faith Freewoman, This Fool's Journey